October 26th 2017

Handing over one of my drawings to the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei

Year in review 2018

We skip this year, but in 2018 Bert Kruismans, Jan de Smet and Karl Meersman are working on a brand new theatre tour, looking back on past events in 2018.

Artist in residence

From September 8th untill December 30th, Karl will be ‘artist in residence' in Saint-Hiëronymus, a reknown psychiatric centre in St-Niklaas.
He will be working with residents two days a week. The central theme is ‘portraits'.

Insane Boundaries

Where do we draw the line between genius and madness?
A stigma-breaching project on art and psychiatry, organized by WILFORD X
Colloquium: March 10th, 2018, 16pm in CC Temse.



Until the end of 2018 Karl Meersman will be working on a totally new project.
With free work using different techniques, different formats and materials,
this is a visual research into the similarities between the Renaissance and today's world.
An exhibition and an art book will show the results.

With the support of ENGIE, BELGOMINE & Dr. Paul Huvenne

Cultureel Ambassadeur

Karl Meersman succeeds musician Alex Callier as Cultural Ambassador of the City of St-Niklaas, 2016-2017


Publisher Hannibal and Roularta Books publish this art book. An overview of the best portraits of 'Karl' and an introduction by Dr. Paul Huvenne. In bookstores from March 27, 2015.
220 p. Size: 31x24 cm. price: € 35.

ISBN 978 94 9208 133 9

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